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Professional land surveying for subdivisions, farm topographical surveys and boundary definitions.

Our surveyors are university trained land development professionals with wide ranging skills. We act as a point of liaison between the many parties required to complete a land development, such as council officers, local iwi, and contractors of various sorts. In essence your surveyor is a vital project manager; ensuring parties meet agreed timelines and budgets.

Our surveyors will assist in your property development by offering guidance on land suitability, proposed development design and subdivision layout. We will maximise the potential of your land and produce an attractive, eye catching development sensitive to the surrounding environment. Services offered will depend on whether the property development is a simple infill subdivision (a subdivision of an existing residential section into two or more lots), or a new large scale urban development including, roading, water, storm water, sewer, power and telecommunications reticulation, street lighting and other aesthetic elements.

Topographical Surveying Services

This is the creation of a contour plan showing additional information such as;

  • streams
  • fences
  • hedge lines
  • buildings etc

These surveys are necessary for roading design or prior to conducting large scale earthworks. They are also useful when undertaking landscape design.

Boundary Redefinition Services

This is re-establishing exact boundary positions prior to erection of fences, or when building in close proximity to boundaries.

GPS Mapping

We utilise the latest in GPS Mapping technology in all of our surveying services.


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